RareCircles Announces $7.5M in Seed Funding

We’re proud to share the news of our $7.5M seed round, led by Tiger Global.

3 min readFeb 3, 2022

The next chapter in commerce & community

2021 was a landmark year for NFTs, highlighting the important role they’ll play in the future of the internet. Together, we’ve witnessed the impact that this technology has had on our culture and the positive change that it’s enabled in the lives of creators across the globe. It’s our conviction, however, that the headline-grabbing sales figures and stories of overnight success fall short of capturing the full potential of what NFTs have to offer — this is only the beginning.

RareCircles is unlocking new growth opportunities for brands & founders

At RareCircles, we’re building a launchpad into the decentralized economy, one dedicated to the next generation of entrepreneurs creating iconic NFT membership experiences, from NFT creation and primary sale, to ongoing engagement between creators and their communities. Recent history has taught us to expect the unexpected: we believe that we’ll continue to be surprised by the variety of innovative, playful & impactful projects made possible by blockchain technology. Our mission is to enable these projects to become a reality. With these tools in hand, brands & founders will have new avenues to grow brand loyalty and deepen community engagement — creating more rewarding experiences for entrepreneurs and audiences alike.

Today’s NFT entrepreneurs are required to cobble together a variety of technical and often intimidating tools — or opt for costly custom development work — in order to bring a holistic NFT membership experience to life. RareCircles integrates all these steps into one easy to use no-code platform. Users can mint NFTs across blockchains and accept payments in both crypto and fiat, while building personalized storefronts that unlock powerful community benefits.

Create, sell & engage with RareCircles

Our next phase of growth

We’re excited to announce our $7.5M Seed Round, led by Tiger Global, with participation from White Star Capital, Hashed, Alpaca, Crew Capital, Global Founders Capital, Alumni Ventures and Detroit Venture Partners. The round is also backed by world-class angel investors and thought leaders Packy McCormick (Not Boring), Joe McCann, Austin Rief (The Morning Brew), Mike Dudas (6th Man Ventures), Greg Isenberg (Late Checkout Fund) and Julien Smith (Practice).

This round of funding will unlock the next phase of product development and growth for RareCircles, as we roll out a new set of membership features and double-down on our mission to enable deeper engagement for communities. This is truly the next frontier, and it’s one where we can all win.

Ethan Song & Nick D’Urbano